Clean Eatz: A Healthy Option on the Grand Strand

Healthy options are on everyone's mind this time of year. I had lunch with a friend last week at Clean Eatz, one of the Grand Strand's hot spots for the health conscious. And, while we were there, a guy walked in with a monkey riding on his shoulder! Yes, a real live monkey. I am kicking myself for not getting a selfie with he guy. Fortunately, it was not a priority, since the food and conversation were so fantastic.

As we entered the vibrantly colorful restaurant, we were greeted by Justin Mialkowski, one of the owners of the Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet locations (his partner is the lovely Lauren Guest). He happily helped us navigate through the ordering process. The quick-serve cafe offers an extensive menu of sandwiches, build-a-bowls, healthy plates, and smoothies catering to all diets from the bulking athlete to the gluten-free vegetarian.

Clean Eatz also offers meal plans online, which allow you to select customized meals which can be picked up each Monday from any location. This format is similar to my good friend Leslie O'neill's cafe in Carolina Forest, Be Well Meals. The difference between Clean Eatz and Be Well Meals is twofold: 1) Clean Eatz is a franchise format, so some of the meals and sauces may be dictated by the business model, and 2) Clean Eatz has more of a fitness vibe rather than a holistic vibe. Since I know Leslie personally, I can say that her quest is to help people use food as medicine rather than end up on medicine. I'm sure she would ageee that the more healthy options we have available to our locals, the better!

I thoroughly enjoyed my build-a-bowl that includes choice of a protein, 3 veggies, a starch, and sauce. I chose salmon, with broccoli, spinach, and zucchini over sweet potatoes in a Thai peanut sauce. My friend and I had a great time chatting in the relaxed atmosphere as we watched the other patrons in the restaurant watch the guy with the monkey! He casually ate his lunch as he fed his sidekick a baby bottle full of milk. Not something we see every day on the Grand Strand!

Justin came over to chat and make sure everything was to our satisfaction. We had a good experience, so if you are in Myrtle Beach or Murrells Inlet and seeking a healthy option for lunch, keep Clean Eatz on your list.


7727 N. Kings Highway

Myrtle Beach SC

(843) 839-9569


804 Inlet Square Drive Suite C

Murrells Inlet, SC

(843) 357-8100

Be Well Meals - Carolina Forest